Surfaces of the behold speakers:

All behold speaker construction are based on the idea to use various wood veneers. The pictures shown below are examples. Since the cabinets are manufactured in small quantities it is possible to meet individual customers requests. You can get an overview on the following websites of the veneer manufacturers:

Fritz Kohl GmbH & Co. KG and Schorn & Groh GmbH .

Exotic or highest value artificial veneers as for example the  „Ebony Maro“, „Palisander Kathedral“ or „Phoenix“ are manufatured by HWB Furniere & Holzwerkstoffe GmbH .

We set great store that only the highest quality of veneers are used and that in any case the character of the wood will remain as wood. The surface shall keep it’s porous peculiarity. On the other hand the necessary color- and lightfastness shall be achieved. Those high demands are met by equivalent the know how in surface finishing.

The pictures show veneers on the left side of the behold tanara.

Ahorn Furnier Buche Furnier Ebony Furnier Palisander Furnier Phoenix Furnier
Figured Maple Beech Ebony Maro Palisander Kathedral Phoenix