Technical Data atacama:

The technical data given here are valid at room temperature (68°F/+20°C),
gain (0dB) and power supply of nominal 230V (200V to 264V, 50Hz +/-3%), other wise noted:

Construct:3-way floor standing speaker
Bass: 26cm cone driver band pass
Mid range: 18cm cone driver
Tweeter: 25mm ring-radiator
Operating mode: fully activ (tri-amping internal)
Crossover low: 99.5Hz (Bass / mid-range)
Crossover high: 2017Hz (mid-range / tweeter)
Sonic level at 0dB: 107dB(A)
Digital input rata rates: 32kHz/16Bit to 192KHz/24Bit
Digital formats: S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink
Digital connector un-balanced: Cinch (RCA)  50Ω or 75Ω impedanz
Digital connector balanced: XLR  100Ω impedance
Analog connector un-balanced: Cinch (RCA)  56kΩ, RCA, 2.3Vrms
Analog connector balanced: XLR  2x 56kΩ, 2.3Vrms
Mains power supply: 100V to 240V step less
Power consuption in use: <60W each (Vol<-10dB)
Total hight incl basis: 46.7" / 1185mm
Width: 12.3" / 312mm
Depth: 19.8" / 502mm
Isolation to floor: 2 basis-aluminium-isolators bitumen filled
Isolation of basis-aluminium-isolators:4 double spikes
Isolation bass cabinet vs. mid-high-range cabinet: aluminium-isolator bitumen filled & 4 double spikes
Total weight: 168lbs / 76.2kg each
Weight bass cabinet: 90lbs / 40.8kg
Weight mid-high-range cabinet: 31.3lbs / 14.2kg
Weight isolators (all 3): 46.7lbs / 21.2kg