Driving the tanara:

Originally the tanara is designed get the most out of the behold Gentle G192. Of cause it can be driven by other electronics which will result in a degradation of the performance of the tanara since no other electronics will be capable to maintain adequate performance.

Always two power amplifiers (bi-amping) are necessary to feed the tanara. They must be driven by an active crossover. The bass-section needs the low pass filter of that crossover at a corner frequency of 211Hz (-6dB) with a minimum decay of 36dB/Oct.. In general this should not be a problem. The mid-high-section needs the high pass with also 36dB/Oct. decay at 211Hz (-6dB). Driving the mid-high-section the amplifier should be capable to accept an average impedance of 2Ω and an absolute minimum of 1Ω at 1.8kHz. This low impedance is resulting from the passive filter with a very high decay inside the tanara causing a phase shift of the impedance of +/-25°. The amplifier to drive this section must be applicable to feed into such a load. The bass-section is with it’s 3.2Ω at the lowest point relatively uncritical.

An amplification with 80W at 4Ω for the mid-high-section is adequate. The bass-section should be fed with double the power or even a bit more.