Goals of Development of the tanara:

Up to now the behold Gentle G192 was not able to perform at it’s best since there was no speaker available to show this. To get rid of this deficiency the tanara was born. The combination Gentle G192 plus tanara is offering a musical playback in a quality you may expect from a gear price wise beyond the $ 100.000.-.

Beyond that it should be an affordable speaker significantly below the double of the Gentle G192 in price. This requirement is limiting especially when you compare it with her predecessors atacama and tatanka. Both of the are fully tri-amping active and from this point of view no longer comparable.

One unconditional goal was the use of a high precision veneer with at the same time highly stiff cabinets. The wood should be noticeable and not hidden away under a thick layer of clear lacquer as it is mostly practised to hide away defects of fabrication and inability.

The comparatively narrow appearance of her predecessors atacama and tatanka should be kept any way. The result is beyond that since the tanara measures only 10” / 26cm maximum width compared to the other two with 12” / 31cm.

The acoustical height should not be lower than 41” / 105cm. At a total height of only 55” / 140cm some 43” / 110cm have been achieved.

The unwanted vibrations caused by the bass driver should be kept to an absolute minimum. At the same time no bass driver should be visible.

The bass outlet should be as close to the midrange/treble section as possible to minimize distortion in delay.

Away hidden spikes making an exact adjustment possible and offering additional isolation to ground.